History of the TNPD

Although town records made mention of constables working in the Town of Niagara as far back as the early eighteen hundreds, it was not until 1954 that the Town of Niagara Police Department was officially formed.

Since its inception, the department has worked closely with the New York State Police.  Geographically, the Town of Niagara is located in Western Niagara County and is bordered by the City of Niagara Falls and the Towns of Lewiston and Wheatfield.  The proximity of Niagara Falls and Interstate Route 190 generates a steady stream of tourist traffic wich provides interesting and challenging opportunities for the police officers.  The Tuscarora Indian Reserve, Niagara Falls International Airport and the Niagara Falls Air Force Base are also adjacent to the town and require specialized police services.  There are also chemical waste storage sites located in the town and due to this close proximity of the Love Canal, there is a constant awareness of environmental polution problems.

All members of this department have received municipal police training at the Niagara County Law Enforcement Academy.  The Town of Niagara Police Department took the early lead in fingerprinting school chldren and had a working program in place long before the "Print-A-Kid Program" became popular among other agencies.  The department formed a neighborhood patrol desigend to provide increased police presence on the populous side streets of the township.  This concept has been particularly effective in reducing the incidence of burglary and larceny complaints.

The Town of Niagara Police Department has played a model role in the concept of interagency cooperation among police departments.