Hometown Hero Banners

To be displayed permanently at veterans Memorial Park, 7000 Lockport Road

Many towns and villages throughout the state have taken the opportunity to thank the servicemen and servicewomen who served in the US Armed Forces by displaying banners with their photos.

These banners are purchased by their families or friends and then are prominently displayed through the summer months in Veterans Park and various streets throughout the community.

We will start taking applications for 2023 from May 1st-December 31st, 2023.

 **Note about Banner Placement

There are nearly one hundred Hometown Hero banners hanging in the Town of Niagara this year from Memorial Day through Veterans Day. As Town of Niagara historian, I try to put them in some kind of order with the help of Phil Mitchell and his crew from the Town of Niagara Parks Department. Since there are so many, we try to have a fairly consistent plan so persons can locate them. Every year we attempt to rotate them so they can be in Veterans Park every third year where they are more visible. Since there are only 38 poles in the park, the other 54 are displayed on Military and Lockport roads.

Here is this years pattern that will hopefully allow you to locate a particular banner of interest. From the intersection of Witmer and Military Roads, the banners start with the As and head south along Military Road until you get to the intersection at Lockport and Military. Around there are Ds-Gs. Continuing south down Military Road to 6 corners you will find Gs-Hs. Back to Lockport and Military and heading toward the park Hs-Ms. As you enter Veterans Park, the first 12 poles contain a veteran from each war from the Revolutionary War up through Afghanistan. The other poles in the park contain Ms-Ss. Back out of the park to Lockport and heading east, you will find Ss-Zs down to Miller Road. I attempt to make it fair by placing them in alphabetical order and rotating them on an annual basis. I hope that this helps you in your search, but if you have any questions and/or comments, feel free to call me, Pete Ames, anytime at 716-297-4429.


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