Town of Niagara

Initially called Fort Schlosser and renamed the Town of Niagara in 1812, the local history of the town generally reflects the history of the Niagara Frontier which is replete with settlements by Indians, Europeans, and determined pioneers.For more than a century since its birth the Town of Niagara was mainly a farming community with much of the local activity centered around the Military Road area. Today, there is considerable commercial, residential and industrial development and Military Road remains a main artery for transportation and activity.


The Town of Niagara is located in the south-west portion of Niagara County and is bordered by the City of Niagara Falls, and the Towns of Lewiston and Wheatfield. Sixty-two percent of the Canadian and 50% of U.S. population reside within a 500 mile radius of the town, a radius that is home to more than 7 million people. Buffalo is a 25-minute drive to the south. Rochester is a 90-minute drive to the east and Toronto, Ontario, Canada is a one hour-forty-five minute drive to the north.

Known as the "retail hub of Niagara County," the Town of Niagara boasts such establishments as Fashion Outlets Niagara Falls USA, the largest true outlet mall in the United States and Niagara County's solo Wegmans location, Aldi Foods, and many other fine retail stores offer the consumer a varied array of goods and services exclusive to the Town of Niagara area.  For more business information, The Niagara USA Chamber can assist with many progrqams and well as the Town of Niagara Business and Professional Association.


The Town of Niagara is served by the Niagara Wheatfield Central School District. More than 3900 students attend the district's elementary, middle and senior high school programs. Western New York has many universities including SUNY at Buffalo and in our area, Niagara University and Niagara County Community College.


Conrail freight & passenger lines pass through the Town of Niagara to the nearby railroad yards. This rail system provides Town business with direct access to cities throughout the North-Eastern United States and Canada.


The Niagara Falls International Airport iis partially located in the Town of Niagara. The airport offers a 9,000 foot long runway and facilities to handle the airlines and jets. The airport is used mainly for charter and cargo service and is also the home the Niagara Falls Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard Base.  The Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority has a bus terminal located in the Town of Niagara. 


The town is 9 square miles adjacent to eastern border of the city of Niagara Falls. Approximately three miles from the US/Canadian border, less than ten miles from the City of Buffalo, with direct access to the New York State Thruway (I90) and the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW). The Niagara Power Project-one of the largest hydro electric power plants in the world is less than 2 miles away.